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    Classed 3rd Best Rom Manager App by !

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The All-In-One Root App your device was yearning for !

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Pimp my Rom BETA Released The long awaited beta is finally here!
It features a brand new design, a whole lot of new tools, tweaks & bugfixes.
April 29, 2013
Beta Released!
PmR Classed 3rd best Rom Manager made its Top-10 ranking for the best Rom Manager apps ever.
Pimp my Rom (alpha 3.0) made it to the 3rd place !
December 13, 2012
Pimp my Rom : 3rd best rom manager app on
Pimp my Rom featured on The guys over at were kind enough to publish a featured article about Pimp my Rom, along with this awesome custom Pimp graphics. October 04, 2012
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