Beta 1.0 Released!

The long awaited beta is finally here!
It features a brand new design, a whole lot of new tools, tweaks & bugfixes.
Let's see that in more details!


I strived to redesign the app in a way that is more compliant with Google's holo guidelines, and more consistent across devices, screen sizes and versions of Android.

Transition Animations

Pimp My Rom now features some nice transition effects when you swipe from a screen to another, and you can select from over 12 different effects to apply separately to each section of the app. You can now pimp your Pimp My Rom!^^

Quick Start Guides

Scattered across the app you'll find quick start guides displayed the first time you access to a particular section.
Those quick start guides bear a design somewhat similar to the one used in the stock AOSP launcher in Jelly Bean. They will give you small, straight-to-the-point informations.

Roboto fonts

Not only is the app now using awesome Roboto variants, these fonts are even made compatible with gingerbread & froyo, in order to keep consistancy.
Pimp My Rom is now sleek, no matter which device you own or the version of Android this device is runnning, you get the best experience no matter what!

Custom icons

Instead of using the regular system icons, Pimp My Rom now comes with its own, hand-crafted fonts.
This way, the icons will be the same on all devices, roms and versions of Android, and the app's iconography is more relevant, with icons that directly give you a hint of what the section is for.

Touch Feedback

Something that was really missing in terms of user interface in the alpha was touch feedback. It can be annoying when you're not sure if the app has registered your click.
No more of this now, all touch events will give you a nice holo blue feedback

Help Center

The Help Center now comes with a nice Cards-like user interface, somewhat similar to that of Google Now.
The cards are stacked-up when they act as menus, and displayed one on top of the other when they contain information.
Those cards can be swiped-out of the way, letting the next one scroll-up to your field of view. They can also be brought back if you swipe one by mistake.


Here's a little presentation of the new tools available in the first beta build of Pimp My Rom.

New Rescue Package

This new mechanism will create a backup of all your system files which are possibly modified by Pimp My Rom, in the form of a flashable zip.
This way, if some tweak creates problems, or end-up with a bootloop, just flash this package to remove all the modifications made by Pimp My Rom while leaving your apps & data intact.
Pimpin' your Rom is now completely safe!
The Rescue package can also be used to backup & restore your tweaks across rom flashes!

Universal init.d Support

The former init.d support granting mechanism used in the alpha didn't work on quite a few devices, and the init.d support detection was flaky.
So I have fully re-written this tool using a simple but powerful and truly universal concept.
Let me explain; Pimp My Rom will detect whenever your device is rebooted, and when it does, after the boot is completed, it will automatically execute all the scripts contained in /system/etc/init.d, thus emulating the behaviour of a kernel which has init.d support.
What makes it truly universal is that everything happens on the app side, there is absolutely no system file modification involved!
The detection mechanism has also been totally rewritten, it now requires a reboot to give the results, but it will say absolutely for sure if your kernel already has init.d support.
The init.d tool now lets you edit, run or delete any of your init.d scripts at the touch of a button, too.

Navigation Bar

A new simple but useful tool featuring an enjoyable animated interface that allows you to enable or disable Android's navigation bar (also sometimes called soft-buttons).


Here are some of the new tweaks and categories of tweaks introduced in the beta.
This list is not exhaustive.

Touchscreen & Display

This completely new tweaks section contains a wide array of display & touchscreen-related tweaks.
It allows for example to determine the maximum amount of fingers recognized by the touchscreen, the minimum interval of time between two touch events, to disable FPS capping, set the max amount of events per second the Android windowsmanager can handle, and much more!

TCP Congestion Algorithm

This new tweak added to the Network & Internet section allows you to select your kernel's default tcp congestion algorithm.
More info included in the Help

Apps & Mods

All the mods have been redesigned, updated, and more important they are now installed without any need of flashing or even of having a recovery installed!


Pimp My Rom now comes with its own set of settings.
Appart from the transition effects I've already talked about, you can select which reboot mode will be applied when tapping the reboot notification (hot reboot or normal reboot).
You can also clear all preferences from the app. More settings will be added soon.

Other Changes

A list of some other notable changes.

  • - Major code cleanup, resulting in better performance, especially when executing root commands

  • - Help Center is not finished but it will be completed over the updates, little by little

  • - All those naggy reboot dialogs have been replaced with a low priority notification, for a better user experience

  • - The Adblock mod has been removed, as per the new Google Play rules

  • - Made the app lighter through code optimization and reduction of the included assets

  • - Implemented a little Easter Egg :p Have fun finding it!

  • - Laid ground work for a new Tool that will soon be implemented, allowing to flash any flashable zip without using a recovery

  • - Laid ground work for a lot of new tweaks taking their origins in sqlite3 system databases hacking

  • Full Changelog : Here
    Mirror : Download Here
    Holo-Light Themed : Download Here


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